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Tex-Mex Rancher’s Eggs

Egg is a huge favourite in our house! All of us love egg….especially my dear hubby and my dear daughter!! 🙂 You give them eggs in any form and they’ll gobble it up in no time. The easiest way to please my hubby is to make an omelette for him…he he….i know, so easy, right?!! There are times when I am totally clueless about what to make for dinner and if all that I can come up with is egg parantha with ketchup (the simple recipe for which is coming soon), my dear daughter and hubby are more than happy to wipe their plates clean!!

This recipe is not really something new. My mom has been making a more Indian version of this recipe for a long time. I remember from when I was a kid, my mom used to make this dish and my dad, my brother and me used to devour it within minutes with some nice fresh  bread. It was a great favourite!! (Hmmm….those were the days….when mom used to cook and I used to just eat!!) In fact, when i found this recipe in my treasure chest (that’s right….the one with the hoarded recipes!) I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that it was a Tex-Mex version of my mom’s “Egg Masala”.

Now, the Rancher’s Eggs or Huevos Rancheros as it is called in Mexico is originally nothing but fried eggs served on tortillas topped with an onion-tomato-chilli sauce. I guess the old recipe was modified and this present one devised to make life much more easier for us and yet retain a lot of goodness! 🙂 Bell peppers, by the way, are a great source of vitamins.

The good thing about this recipe as well as mom’s Egg Masala is that most of the ingredients are usually available at home at most times or quite easily available at your nearby green grocers. In fact, mom’s recipe requires nothing more than tomatoes and onions and some masalas to go.  And its so easy to make that on a relatively busy day you can make this in a matter of minutes without compromising on taste! Read on to get the recipe:


1 red bell pepper sliced into strips

1 green bell pepper sliced into strips

1 yellow bell pepper sliced into strips

4-5 tomatoes sliced

1 red onion sliced

1-2 red chillies or more if you like it spicy (you can substitute this with some red chilli powder or chilli flakes too)

Vegetable Oil

4 eggs

Salt to taste


Heat the oil in a wide bottomed pan and add the sliced onions. Once they turn translucent, add the bell peppers and fry for a minute or two. Then add the tomatoes and chilli flakes and keep frying until the mixture turns really soft. Now spread the mixture on the bottom of the pan and press it down to form a sort of firm layer at the bottom. Now make 4 evenly spaced holes in the mixture. Break open one egg into each of the four holes you’ve made in the mixture. To get it right, what I did is, I first separated the yolk and then slowly poured one yolk at a time into the holes and then poured the white all over the base. Now close the pan and cook until the egg is completely set. Cut the base in 4 and serve with some lightly toasted garlic bread. Yum!

Mom’s Egg Masala variant:

In this variant, all you need is some chopped tomatoes (4-5), chopped onions (1-2) , chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder and a bit of jeera (cumin) powder and salt to taste. Fry these ingredients until the tomatoes and onions are completely soft and cooked through and have absorbed all the masalas. Then simply break open the eggs on top of this mixture. Close and cook until eggs are set.


Bell Peppers…..such wonderful colours!!

The pits all ready to have eggs dumped into them!!

Two of the yolks broke!! 😦

Eggs all set n ready!


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2 thoughts on “Tex-Mex Rancher’s Eggs

  1. Babe
    Will try on Raj… He loves eggs too 

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