my experiments with fooooood!!!

About Me….

Hello peeps, here I am – trying to blog about my experiments with truth…err…with food.

Well the truth is that I am not much of a cook. I have a bittersweet relationship with cooking. I hate to cook as a routine. But I love to cook the not so regular dishes from different cuisines in India as well as around the world. I must also warn you that I am a dreamer. I dream about cooking up exotic dishes. I absolutely admire people with a flair for cooking.  I love cookery shows and can watch innumerable reruns of Nigella Lawson’s shows. I love collecting recipes from magazines and hoard them. Very often I just read through them like a book, all the while dreaming about how i’d serve up those dishes!!!  

So yes, this blog does document in some way my experiments with the BIG truth about not being a great cook and yet trying to dish up some good food.

So keep looking through and find out more about my experiments in the kitchen and how i like to dish up some food. 🙂


6 thoughts on “About Me….

  1. Awesome D!!! Congrats on this… I sure am trying out the cous cous soon….

  2. divvy…wanted to ask you, which oven do you use? does an OTG work for baking such dishes?

  3. .. I meant the lasagna dish..

  4. Hi Divya, great, simply great! The way you have written it is so warm and infused with flavour and a great topic for a blog! Food!! Keep it coming!!!

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