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Crazy about Crepes!!


The other day my brother took us out to this amazing place called “Mrs. Kaur’s Crepes n More”. It was like the good old times – Mom, Dad, my brother and me….and of course my dear daughter in tow. 🙂 Poor hubby was busy at work on a weekend and we were having fun…..I know, how mean!! But really….it wasn’t like that….it was a Saturday, we were out and it was lunch time….we had to eat you see!!

So, we were at Mrs. Kaur’s  and oh boy!!! what a time we had……………………..eating crepes, crepes and more crepes. 😀 We devoured crepes with chicken filling, crepes with spiced roast veggies, divine dessert crepes with lemon ‘n’ honey, crepes with chocolate and bananas and crepes with caramelized apples. Oh! and did I forget to mention that they also served some amazing waffles and we dug into a huge waffle with bananas and honey and chocolate!! I bet we looked like a bunch of gluttons. Burp!! 😀

Since then I’ve been thinking of making crepes at home….and you know me, once I start thinking about making something then I just can’t stop but keep thinking and thinking and thinking until I’m so sick of thinking that I probably never make it!! Well, thank God it was different this time. I guess I stopped thinking just in time!!

Crepes can be served as dessert crepes or savoury crepes. It really depends on your choice and taste. Dessert crepes have sugar in the batter, whereas the savoury ones only have salt…..but of course, you already guessed that!! Both dessert and savoury crepes taste yum and you can choose from a wide range of fillings! I used honey and lemon in my dessert crepes, but you can use fruit preserves and cream, caramelized apples, bananas or any other fruits of your choice. Crepes are really easy to make and if you’ve ever made pancakes at home then you’ll know that crepes are just another version of pancakes. So here’s how I made dessert crepes.


1 cup flour/maida

1 1/2 cup milk

4 eggs (you can reduce the number of eggs or skip the eggs completely if you are a vegan….the crepes turn out just fine! :-))

2 tbsps melted butter

2-4 tbsps caster sugar (I say 2-4 here coz you can vary according to how sweet you want your crepe to be. I used about 4 tbsps)

1 tsp of vanilla essence

1/4 tsp salt

Honey/sugar to sprinkle

Lime juice

some whipped cream and chocolate sauce for topping


Sift the flour and salt. In a mixing bowl whisk the milk, eggs, sugar and butter. Once the wet ingredients are whisked well, slowly start adding the flour and start whisking again until all of the flour is used up and the mixture gets to a nice pouring consistency (see tips). Let the mixture sit for an hour or more…the more the better.

Heat a griddle or any flat base non-stick pan and lightly brush oil on it. Then pour one ladle full of the mix onto the pan and swirl the pan such that the mixture coats the base of the pan. Once the edges start browning a little bit you have to slowly flip over the crepe and brown the other side too.  Once your crepes are ready, drizzle a bit of honey and lemon juice on them and then fold each one into a quarter and serve with cream and chocolate sauce topping.!! Yummm……….

The above quantity makes about 6-8 crepes, depending on the size of your griddle or pan!


1. Although you may be tempted to add the flour right at the beginning and whisk everything together, don’t do it because sometimes if you do so the flour does not blend well and you’ll see tiny lumps in the mixture. Mixing the wet ingredients first and then sifting in the flour is better! 🙂

2. The consistency of the crepe batter should be smoother than that of dosa batter, such that, when you pour the crepe batter on the pan, the batter should spread evenly and smoothly around the base when you simply the swirl the pan.


Batter on the pan

Batter on the pan

Crepe flipped over!!

Crepe flipped over!!


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